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  • Italy 2013

    Youth-group I

    The group consists of about 35 youth dancers in the age of 16 to 21 years. It has got programme with Polish dances and songs which can last till 80 minutes.
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  • 2013

    Teenagers-group II

    There are about 30 dancers in the age of 13 to 15 years. This group programme can last about 60 minutes.

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  • IDF 2013

    Children-group III

    It is children group, age of 10 to 12, with about 45 minutes programme.

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  • Italy 2013

    Folk band

    The band consists of professional musicians who can play for every dance groups or independently. The instruments they play are: violin, trumpet, clarinet, accordion, double bass.

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  • Adult-group MGO

    The group consists of ex-dancers and parents of the young group members, in the age of 20 and more.   Gallery

    In 2013 their succeed: III place winner among Folk Bands and II place winner among Ensembles of traditional singing, V International Folk Contest-Festival " The Flower of the Sun ", Siauliai - LITHUANIA, more photos

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