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  • Italy 2013
    Italy 2013

National dances:
There are 5 Polish National Dances having the special place in the history of our country. Those dances came into existence during the partition of Poland in the nineteenth century. They became the symbol of Polish cultural independence and national spirit. Both musical and dance forms are very developed and make inseparable integrity.
Our group presents three of them:

  1. Krakowiak     film
  2. Oberek     film
  3. Mazur     film

Programme presenting Polish regions:
Gorzów Wlkp. as a Polish town was inhabited after II world war by people from different parts of country. And that's why The “Mali Gorzowiacy” presents folklore of those regions, including their characteristic elements such as: dances, songs, costumes, instrumental band composition, cries, dialects.

  1. Dances and songs of the Orawa Highlanders  part I  part II  
    Programme consists of traditional dances and songs from Orawa Mountains , duration 12 minutes
  2. “Przyjechał Jasieńko” (“Jasieńko arrived”)       film
    Dances from Rzeszów, the most dynamic and difficult dances region in Poland. Duration 14 minutes
  3. „Sobótki łowickie” („St John's night in Łowicz”)      film  film
    Songs, dances and customs from Łowicz region connected with St John's night -21/22nd June. Duration 15 minutes.
  4. Songs and dances of East Cracovians, duration 8 minutes.
  5. Jędrzejowe wróżby” ( „Fortune-tellings of Jędrzej”)    film
    Silesian customs for girls who want to know their future, it is on St Andrew day, 30 November. Apart from fortune-tellings performance includes Upper Silesia dances and songs. Duration 12 minutes